Daintree Flora and Fauna

The lodge was created to ensure a harmony exists between us and the wildlife that naturally occur in the rainforest. By building the lodge on walkways and stilts, we can feel secure in being above the wildlife, while the wildlife feels secure that we are not going to encroach on their territory either.

The Daintree is home to some of the most unique and delightfully diverse wildlife, such as ornamental lizards, vulnerable frogs, massive pythons and brightly coloured butterflies. They are unique to the area and many will not be seen in any other parts of Australia or the world.

The rainforest is unique in that it doesn’t require any assistance from humans to survive. Every leaf that falls from the trees offers nutrients to ground, which in turn brings new life forms. The rain and decomposing trees act as compost. Due to this, the roots of a variety of ferns and epiphytes can often be seen, exposed above the ground. The nutrition they are seeking is not in the soil but rather in the air, in the surface above the ground. Trees therefore form buttresses and roots above the ground.

The fruit found in the rainforest is unique to the area. Most of it is inedible for humans but it offers some great variety for the endemic wildlife found here. The cassowary acts as a great disperser of the fruit and is vital for ensuring the rainforest keeps germinating and growing.

The white tailed rat has a remarkable ability to bite through the often hard shells of fruit, including the coconut. They will often bury their food to save it for later and then forget where they had buried it – allowing for more germination.

The musky rat kangaroo is also fantastic at dispersing seeds and fruit in the same manner.

Birds work the ground and will often unknowingly disperse seeds, either through obvious consumption or, like the brush turkey, simply by shovelling items from one area to the next, aerating and dispersing them in the process.

The seemingly insignificant animals are often the most fascinating. The Mueller’s stag beetle, will break down dead wood matter with its unique incisors, sharp as bayonets.

Fungi feed on the dead matter and offer an amazing array of colours and designs. Their enzymes can dissolve through even tough wood.

Mushrooms, moss and cup fungi can be spotted in the rainforest in the most unusual places.

Every insect, every flower, seed and form of life is here to be discovered.

Our very own private restaurant 'CYCAD' caters exclusively to Daintree Wilderness Lodge guests. This ensures that our locally sourced and carefully prepared produce is presented in an intimate and personal setting surrounded by the beautiful rainforest in our unique open air venue.

We encourage the natural feeding patterns of all animals and do not believe in destroying any, even if they are sometimes frowned upon by guests. All animals are important in the cycle of life within the rainforest and each plays its part in creating it.